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Let’s better know Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the father of all other web browsers and has secured a permanent place at your desktop. As Chrome has gone little far from being a simple internet browser and has become a full OS on its own. The number of folks who use Google Chrome is far more than users on other platforms. According to W3Schools, 76.3 percent of people are using Chrome, more than double the next highest, Firefox (13.3 percent), with IE/Edge (4.6 percent) and Safari (3.3 percent) far behind.

Now, statistics won’t lie. Well, as more than half of virtual population is using Google Chrome, but still half of them are not familiar with few tricks of Chrome. So, that’s why to rectify this error we will today introduce few unknown features of your favorite web browser with you all. Let’s look at the hidden features of Google Chrome.

#1. Incognito Mode. Chrome has an “Incognito Mode” where your all search is kept private. Means nothing saves in the history and no cookies will be installed. All your search will be private and no can ever preview it.
#2. Omnibox. With this chrome feature, you can view the content of any website without visiting the website. For example, you can check the content of any topic on Wikipedia without actually typing Wikipedia on Google search bar. For that, you just have to save website in the Omnibox and you will never have to search it again on Google.
#3. Reopen accidentally closed tab. How many of you accidentally closed an important tab while working? I have done it numerous times, so that’s why Chrome has developed a solution for this issue. Simply right-click on any tab and then click on *Reopen Closed Tab ” option. Mac users can use Control-Shift-T command to reopen tab.
#4. Keystrokes. Have you ever lost in tabs? Well, you won’t lose any more, as you can shift from one tab to another using 1 to 9 keys. As your every tab will be assigned a number from 1 to 9, so simply use Control key plus numerical key and your desired tab will open up.
#5. One tap search. Google Chrome has offered one tap search feature to the Android phone users. Android users can tap on any word for a bit longer and chrome will automatically search it for you.
#6. Parental control. Chrome allows a great opportunity for parents who want to monitor activities of their children. You can create a profile for your kids and he will only search sites which you allow them. By using this action line, Settings > People > Manage other people > Add person. Chrome will send you a special e-mail confirming your profile and after that, you can monitor activities of your kids.
#7. T-Rex game. This is a very uncommon feature of chrome as only a few people know that chrome has hidden T-Rex game in it. To find a game, disconnect your internet connect and open again. The webpage saying “Unable to connect to the Internet” will welcome you. But, there is also a little 8-bit style T-Rex at the top present. ┬áTo play, just hit the spacebar and you’ll enter a forever-runner game in which the T-Rex runs along a desert landscape. Press the spacebar to make it hop over the various cacti and vultures it encounters

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