Vigorous Virtual Reality Apps For Your Smartphone

Let's Download Virtual Apps

Okay, so the new technology term that has been very frequently adopted these days is Virtual Reality. Where real then the real environment is created with the aid of virtual gadgets. The virtual gadgets such as the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. But, if you don't have such a money to spend on these expensive VR gadgets.  Then, your smartphone can provide you awesome VR experience with some cool VR apps.

Yep, the amazing VR apps are available on the Google Play Store and iTunes for download. These apps can enables you to visit the virtual world without spending any money. To get the immense VR tour you are required to buy one cheap VR headset, like Google cardboard or Samsung Gear VR. And, one cool VR app, you can download any of these VR apps:


The Google Cardboard app is very basic and popular VR app. The app provides all the basic virtual experience to the users from their smartphone. Google cardboard app is free of cost available on the Play Store and App Store. This app offers 3D environments, famous places or flies through the Arctic virtual features.

#End Space VR

This app simulates the cardboard flying experience to next level. Where you are the spaceship driver and on the mission of saving the universe. With the tilt of your head, you can operate the spaceship and fight with the evil demons. You can upgrade your spaceship and weapons to fight hard. To fight the virtual space battle you might have to spend £.99 on the iTunes store.

#Google Arts and Culture

This Google VR app provides you the tour of 1200 world's largest museums and landmarks. You can experience the grandness of world's finest art and culture monuments with this app. Simply use your Google cardboard or any other VR headsets to visit numerous famous art galleries virtually.

#Within VR

The app has partnered with some popular channels to bring out a real fantasy for us. The app works with partners including Apple, the New York Times, NBC and Vice, as well as bands such as U2, Muse, and One Republic to offer a range of experiences from concerts to music videos.

#YouTube VR

YouTube has taken the visual experience to a new level with the 360-degree videos. By simply activating the VR feature, one can view the regular YouTube video in virtual form. But, this feature of YouTube is exclusively available for the Google VR platforms only. The other VR users such as Samsung and iPhone can't use YouTube VR.

#Facebook 360

Facebook has also turned out 360 degrees for the Samsung users. The users can watch Facebook videos and images in the dynamic VR way. The app allows you to perform all the regular Facebook activities like sharing and posting with the extra touch of VR content.

#Minecraft Gear VR Edition

The Minecraft Gear VR Edition app has changed the gaming methods. The ultimate block building concept and different battle modes of the game are truly out of this world. This Oculus VR app has the ability to make you addicted to it.

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