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Visual Studio Code Extensions

Visual Studio Code is the lightweight code editors. Well, some heaviness can be seen in VS codes because of their other code editors, mostly Sublime Text and Atom. But, the main functionality of the VS code editor comes from the advanced performance and technology. Moreover, it offers some highly lucrative features such as IntelliSense, which were only available in full-sized IDEs like Eclipse or Visual Studio 2017.

It no doubts that the great features of VS codes belong to the marketplace. As the open source community helps develops in creating the framework, developing language and creating the new technology. The framework support comes in various ways, such as snippets, syntax highlighting, Emmet and IntelliSense features for that specific technology.

Category Wise VS Code Extensions

Well, there are plenty of VS Code Extensions are available in the market, but for the sake of this article, we will be only focusing on the VS code extensions for the JavaScript developers. Which again are so many in number that it is impossible for me to cover all of them in one post. So, we are going to target only the popular VS Code Extensions for JavaScript users in the post category wise:

#1. Snippet Extensions

At the beginning of VS Code installation, you will get plenty of JavaScript and Typescript snippets. But, all are not for you, the VS Code snippets that are highly recommend are:

VS Code JavaScript (ES6) snippets – This the most popular JavaScript snippet with 1.2 million downloads till date and counting. This extension provides ES6 syntax for JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, React and Vue extensions.

JavaScript Snippet Pack – This is a wholesome package which consists of all the useful JavaScript snippets for the users.

Atom JavaScript Snippet – JavaScript snippet which is imported from the atom language is called Atom JavaScript Snippet.

JavaScript Snippets – It is the collection of ES6 snippets. It includes snippets for Mocha, Jasmine and other BDD testing frameworks.

#2. Syntax Extensions

VS Code Extensions has a pretty nice range of the syntax extensions. The syntax extensions can change the color of the theme. To highlight the features of syntax extensions couple of helping tools are required, such as:

JavaScript Atom Grammar – This extension replaces the JavaScript grammar in Visual Studio Code with the JavaScript grammar from the Atom editor.

Babel JavaScript – This extension syntax highlighting for ES201x JavaScript, React, FlowType and GraphQL code.

DotENV – This syntax comes handy if you are working with Node as it is a syntax for env files.

#3. Linter Extensions

To write special and fuss-free codes in the JavaScript requires the assistance of the Linter Extensions. The few popular Linter Extensions are mentioned ahead:

ESLint – This extension interstates ESLint in the VS codes. It is the most popular linter extension with the 1.6 million downloads by far.

JSHint – It is a code checker extension used by jshintrcfile at the root of your project for configuration.

JavaScript Standard Style – This extension requires zero rules to configure JavaScript.

#4. Node Extensions

Every JavaScript code requires a Node Extensions, well you can avoid it if you like to make simpler task unnecessarily complicated. The Node Extensions available in the VS Code to ease out your job are:

npm – It uses package. jsonto validate installed packages. It ensures that the number of packages installed, it makes a list of the package which missing or hasn’t installed.

Node.js Modules IntelliSense – To automatically complete JavaScript and Typescript in some modules.

Path IntelliSense – It isn’t typically related to the Node, but you required some level of intelligence to automatically complete filenames.

Node exec – It helps in a currently selected file with the Node.js.

View Node Package – To quickly view the Node package from the VS Code Extensions.

Node Readme – To quickly open npm package in Node.js.

Search node_modules – This extension allows you to search the node_modules folder, which is usually excluded from the standard search.

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