Watch out For These Black Tech Companies & Influencers


Black people have always been subjected to racism and are always considered beneath the white people. Just like us Indians, black folks have gone through numerous hardships to make their presence know to the world. But, we can today gladly say that our fellow brothers of black skin color are ready to conquer the world and somehow already captured it.

If we talk about the tech industry, then surely black empowerment can be seen here very preciously. The tech giants from the black community have been showing their growth and talent in the innovation and creativity from the ages now. Today, we have numerous black tech companies and tech professionals to look upon and get inspiration from.

So, today we are going to celebrate the hardship and conquers of the black tech community by remembering the top black tech companies and the black tech inspirers.

Top 5 Black Tech Giant Companies

The black companies who have been running the technology world with their precious hard work are mentioned as;

#1. Innclusive

This venture of rentals has come into action when the owner and CEO of Innclusive, Rohan has been declined by the Airbnb. When he wasn’t given the rental in Idaho, then this made him think that whether he is being rejected due to a particular color and how many people go through this dilemma daily. So, he developed the rental portal called Innclusive, where the identity of the user isn’t revealed till the end. With the diverse marketing efforts and manual tracking for approval, this platform is planning to change the way of the rental market.

#2. Lisnr

Do you want to transfer data without the wifi or cellphone? Then, this is a no problem for the Lisnr users. CEO and Co-Founder Rodney Williams is aiming to make the data transmission a very clean process. They used the ultrasonic frequencies to transmit the data which earlier required RF based frequencies. Lisnr is offering the energy light and most fast communication system to the world, however, the cool thing is that both the CEO and President of the company are black men.

#3. Callbase

It is an internet-based communication server company which is run by two black men. This company gives commercial connections to the business organizations to operate and communicate over the Internet. This service is available for the more than 50 nations all over the globe. Service of this black tech company is expanding rapidly over the years.

#4. Blavity

Blavity is a media and tech company created to capture the interest of the black millennials. This black millennial company was launched in 2014 and currently has 7 million readers. Morgan DeBaun is the CEO of the company and helped to found the company with Jonathan Jackson as well. The mission of the company is to inspire the black millennials and let the black community tech giants in limelight. Blavity also gives coverage to the tech sharks of other race as well, because apart from focusing on the black community they focus on tech news very keenly.

#5. Bail Bloc

Bail Bloc is a cryptocurrency scheme to help provide money to the Bronx Freedom Fund, a non-profit that seeks to post bail for those who cannot afford to pay their own bail. There are lots of innocent black people rioting in the prisons, this app is a small step to focus the attention of government and the world on them. This is a voluntary app which can be joined by anyone.

So, if you are a big fan of our fellow black communities great work, then hit the like button and share your thoughts on the black tech companies as well.

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