Ways to Generate Income while Establishing your Blogger Career


Blogger’s Income Statement:

Well, if you are good with the words and planning to create your own blog. Then, that’s great as a good blog has potential to generate revenue of $1K-$10K per month. That’s way more than any day job, but to generate this income you need some time. Yep, you can’t generate this much income from your blog instantly.

`It requires at least a year or so to actually establish income generating blog and lots of hard work. Initially, you have to work long hours to establish the reputation of your blog. Due to this drawback, numerous talented bloggers never start their own blog as they need a fixed source of income to survive. So, what to do?

Well, bloggers, you can start your own blog and have a source of income both if you plan carefully. Instead of working full time you can work part-time from your home. There are numerous odd jobs available that you can do while your blog is growing. The few options for side income are as follows:

  1. Do Guest Blogging.

There are numerous websites available who invite guest bloggers to write for them and these sites also pay well. So, being a blogger this will be the best method to generate income. These sites pay from $50 to $200 for a post, so that can be a nice way to earn some bucks. If your article got selected, then these sites immediately transfer money normally via PayPal. Moreover, mostly all the sites provide a platform to promote yourself and your blog, so you can generate traffic to your blog also. The sites like listverse cracked, knowledge nuts etc, accept guest blogs.

  1. Freelance writing.

Currently, numerous websites and blogs are searching for reliable and SEO experienced writers. You can work with them and if you are good at your work then you have changed to generate as much as income you desire. Some of the professional freelance bloggers are charging $2 per word. So, you can easily earn income by writing for other people. To search freelance jobs you can create a profile with UpWork, Truelancer, Fiverr, etc.

  1. Proofreading.

If you have good command over language mainly English, then proofreading will generate you income. As most blogs and websites are published in English language and not everyone is good at English. So, here you can put your English skills in the use and earn some money. You just have to proofread already written content and remove grammatical errors from it. It hardly takes a half hour to proofread 1000 words post, so by proofreading you can earn quick money.

  1. Publish your eBook.

By publishing your eBook you can hit two goals. First, you can self-publish your eBook on e-commerce websites like Amazon and earn money by selling it. Second, you can write eBook on the topic related to your blog’s niche and promote your blog with eBook. Like, if you have a blog of technical content, then write eBook on a technical niche also. And mention your blog in your eBook for more information.

Final words

You can opt any of the above-mentioned methods to earn some side income. But, I’ll recommend to mix all the methods and juggle them for better income.

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