Web Robots : Worker bees of Internet


When we think of robots all we think them as of traditional hardware robots with all that fuzzy circuits and hardware, replacing humans. We all have seen robots playing badminton,driving cars, assembling cars etc.. But can a robot click a web button or fill up a web form? The answer’s YES. A web robot is a program or set of web programs that traverses a web application. It can perform various repetitive task at much faster and accurate rate. In fact more than 50% of the internet traffic is made up due to this web robots. They could be used either for a productive as well as malicious action. We can develop web robots using different open source scripting languages or various other programming languages like C,java,python etc..

All of these languages can help web robots perform various tasks such as Web scanning,web indexing etc. Web robots can be made to perform any task with the correct programming skeleton and are often categorized on the type of tasks they perform.Web robots make use of instant messaging or instant relay chat to communicate with other users.


What should be considered before making a web robot?

  1. Analysis of the task or set of task we want it to perform.
  2. The sequence of steps that web robot need to take so that the given task is completed in given time.
  3. Check if the web robot require manual intervention or if the task is fully automated,
  4. Properly analyze the scripting or programming language which will be best suitable for our web robot, which can perform the task at least time.
  5. Check if the web robot need to run on the web browser or just be a standalone program.
  6. If web robot runs on a remote server check if it possible for other editors to operate it.

The many application of Web Robots :

  1. Chatter bots are the type of web robots that allow people to ask questions and formulate proper response.
  2. They are widely used for web page scanning and indexing.
  3. They can report real time vehicle locations for the tracking industry.
  4. Auction site web robots make the process of auction a lot more easier.
  5. Gaming bots are used for many gaming purposes even.

Advantages of Web Robots :

  1. They perform different actions in much faster way than humans.
  2. Helps in retrieving data from large sets in required time.
  3. Can be quite helpful for different site owners to create traffic.
  4. Web robots are always reliable and efficient as compared to the same task done manually .

Disadvantages of Web Robots

  1. Malicious web robots are also used to spam emails of users in order to retrieve information.
  2. They use of web robots also result in wastage of bandwidth as the some of the content might not even be useful to a person at that time. hence chances of downloading the content and throwing it is higher.
  3. Sometimes due to increased traffic of web robots may also cause a page face a DOS like attack and hence authentic users might face difficulties while opening the page.

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