What has WordPress new Editor Gutenberg in its Sleeves?


Gutenberg Editor Is Coming

Well, change is a rule of nature and that’s why WordPress 5.0 is bringing numerous changes with it. And, the enormous change that WordPress users are going to face is the Gutenberg Editor. Now, every other WordPress user chickens about this editor, some are eager to try new editor and other are simply not ready to accept the change.

Because they are worried about the working methods of Gutenberg Editor. Well, now that’s inventive as every new change brings lots of new things with it. So, in this post, we will try to resolve some queries regarding the Gutenberg Editor. And, help out our readers in adapting this new revolutionary change.

– Train Your Team About Gutenberg

Well, the half of WordPress users are either nontechnical bloggers or aspiring web developers. So, for them understanding the new environment of WordPress is bit shock. The folks with limited technical knowledge are highly alarmed about the Gutenberg.

So, if you are an experienced web developer, then you should organize webinars and tutorial courses about the Gutenberg Editor. And, aware your staff and clients about the Gutenberg and the changes that will be bought by it. This way you can keep your team up to dated and even encourage them to use Gutenberg.

– Test Your Website’s Compatibility

The next major concern regarding the Gutenberg Editor is that whether it will go to support your existing plugins or not. To be honest there are high chances that your current plugins won’t work on Gutenberg. So, this will be going to a problem for customized websites.

Well, you can save yourself from this problem. Just install Gutenberg plugin on your WordPress site and make a test run before the actual WordPress 5.0. This will give you an idea about the plugins which are going to Gutenberg friendly. So, advise your clients about this also.

– Make Profit Out of Gutenberg

Okay, so while you are educating yourself about the Gutenberg and its benefits, you can’t close your shop. So, try to pitch your clients that you and your team are fully equipped to handle the Gutenberg and whatever it brings. Because your clients are already scared from Gutenberg and if in this, you tell them that you are still learning Gutenberg. Then, you surely will lose some clients.

So, keep your clients assured and try to make a profit out of Gutenberg crisis developers.

– Aware Your Clients About The Benefits of Custom Blocks

One of the coolest features of the Gutenberg Editor is the custom block features. So, try to sell this custom block feature to your clients and encourage them to design customs blocks. For example, you may want to create a block that allows for multi-column layouts or one that includes site-specific styles.

– Be Helpful

So, if your client has any problem with the Gutenberg Editor, then he will come to you. At that time try to be supportive and help them immediately as much as you can. Because this help will bring more cash and new clients to you.

So, developers, you see Gutenberg Editor isn’t that bad and it won’t affect your adversely business. You just need to use your smartness to earn money out of the Gutenberg crisis.

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