What is GitHub and How it works?


Introduction to github.com:

The term Github has been heard numerous times, but none of us actually knows the real meaning and function of it. You might hear this term from your geek friends, but doesn’t really get to actually understand it. So, today in this blog we are going to share the information about the Github and why this term is becoming so popular nowadays. Github is a platform for the web developers to perform coding and design the dynamic projects. Well, to better understand the Github, let’s split the term into Git and hub to detail analyze the term. Git is an open-source version control system that was started by Linus Torvalds, the same person who created Linux. Git is similar to other popular version control systems, such as Subversion, CVS, and Mercurial to name a few.

Now you must be wondering what is a version control system? Well, when a web developer working on a project, suppose developer is designing an application. The web developers make numerous changes to the code and releasing new versions, up to and after the first official (non-beta) release. To keep a record of all these changes and keeping the coding system straight a web developer requires the system and this system is known as version control system. This unique system allows developers to easily collaborate, as they can download a new version of the software, make changes, and upload the newest revision. Every developer can see these new changes, download them, and contribute.

The Git is the most popular version control system among the other alternative platforms available. As we have figured that Git means the best version control system and on the other hand Hub stands for the Github.com, where web developers can store their projects and revise them from time to time. So, overall Github is a command-line tool around which the Git works. Well, now everyone must be thinking how this dynamic coding system works, so let’s check out the few important terminologies which operate the Github working.

How Github operates?

  1. Repository.

    It is a location where all the files related to a particular project stored and it is normally abbreviated as the repo. Every file has its own repo and web developers firstly store the project file in it.

  2. Forking a repo.

    “Forking” is when you create a new project based off of another project that already exists. This feature is very nice and allows developers to contribute to already the exciting project.

  3. Pull request.

    When you fork repo the project and made some changes in it, then the pull request is sent to the author of the project and then the author decides whether changes are required or not.

  4. Social networking.

    The Github allows web developers to create their profile, which works as their resume and they can get the job by showcasing their talent in it.

  5. Change log.

    As multiple people work on the same project, so it gets difficult to view who made which change, but with the Github, no such problem occurs as it has change log tool to record each in real time.

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