What is software testing?


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Testing is a process of checking whether a product is behaving as per the client’s requirement or not. The product can be anything like smartphone, camera, software etc.

Now, think all the possible ways to test your smartphone.

What is Software Testing?

Software testing is checking a software/system according to clients requirements and expectations. Software testing is a series of processes which consists of different testing and testing related activities to make sure your code/software is doing what it is supposed to do and it is not doing anything unintended.

Software Testing is carried out to check following aspects of a system.

  • Functionality,
  • Usability ,
  • Performance ,
  • Efficiency,
  • Security ,
  • Portability and
  • Maintainability.

Why Software Testing is Required?

It is not possible for developers to write a code without any defect. Developing 100% defect free software is next to impossible.

So,we do testing to make sure that the most of the defects are identified and fixed, especially the critical parts of the software.

Only when we test a product thoroughly, we can ensure it is of good quality and is reliable.

Significance Of Software Testing

Let’s understand this with an example.

A chair can be constructed in this way too.

Here, the chair is constructed with four legs out of which two legs are small. Just imagine what would have been the scenario if you have sold this chair to the client without testing?

Hence, we require a Tester to find the defect by testing the product and report it to the developer to fix that defect.

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