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At I/O Conference in 2017, Google has made the first announcement of Android Go. Google claims it to be a seamless low budgeted platform that can effectively run Android devices. Google launched this new feature to make android smartphones available for common users. However, if you are not familiar with this new Android technology, then you should look at the below definitions.

Android Go –

It is a toned down version of the complete Android Operating System which is launched to run less expensive Android smartphones. This is a masterstroke played by Google to expand the market of smartphones. Android Go can store all Google apps on the small storage space.

This is a blessing for the devices that have low RAM size. Even on this version, preinstalled apps occupy less space. This version of Android focuses primarily on three areas – Play Store, Operating System, and Apps. Let’s check out them all closely:

Android Go Play Store –

To reduce the burden of the apps and to make the android light, Google has launched the new and exclusive Android Go Play Store. To be honest, there isn’t much difference between the regular Google Play Store and the Android Go Play Store as both offers quite similar content.

Both Play Stores has only one basic difference that Go offers storefront. The basic font of the store is the best for the entry-level devices. This feature also helps in recommending the users top apps that can operate smoothly on their devices.

Apps –

Google has also introduced a light version of your favorite apps. These apps are designed to occupy about 50% less space, but the same experience on the grounds of the performance as compared to the regular apps. In Android Go, you might find apps like Google Go, Gmail Go, YouTube Go, Google Maps Go, Google Assistant Go and Files Go, etc.

These apps can navigate much faster speed, they function almost 15% fast. However, you might have to let go of some of the features that aren’t available on the Go version. You have to note that most of the existing app in Android Go are Progressive Web Apps.

Operating System

The operating system is based on the model same as the Android Oreo but it has been specifically designed to support devices that have RAM ranging from 512 MB to 1GB. Moreover, they occupy half of the Android Naugat space that let you install more number of apps on your smartphone. It has an extra feature of the data saver which is available in the default mode.

Difference Between Regular Apps & Android Go Apps

Google App –

Google Go is a simple and lighter version of your regular Google app. The app size has been reduced in the lighter version which is around 12 MB only. This Google has all the important features such as voice search, Google Translate, Maps, and GIF.

Gmail –

With Gmail Go, you can check and reply your emails pretty quick and anywhere. This app lets you perform all the functions of the regular app on your inexpensive phone.

Google Map –

You will be surprised to find that the APK size of the Google Go Map is just 0.009 MB. On the contrary, the size of the normal Google Map is larger as 48 MB.

YouTube –

YouTube is a popular video app today that’s why Google has created the light version of the app. YouTube Go isn’t much different from the usual YouTube.

So, there’s no doubt that Android Go is a gift for the people who can’t afford expensive smartphones as now they can enjoy the experience of Android smartphones. It is an indeed great step taken by Google.

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