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The software engineer office has gone through series of revolutionary changes and faced plenty of new trends. Well, change is a necessity to sustain and simply essential for a new beginning.  From all around to the program developer to particular developers, the software industry has faced numerous shifts. As due to the enhancement in the clients demands the need of some dynamic solutions for clients increased.  It became very important to establish one balanced software development team, that contains every element to satisfy a client. And this constant need thrives the emerges of DevOps.

Emergence of DevOps

The classic thoughts represent that one balanced software developers team must contain particular ingredients. To optimize the software following teammates required, business analysts, system architects, front-end developers, back-end developers, testers etc. After optimizing the software, next stop is to make it operation ready and it includes systems engineers, release engineers, DBAs, network engineers, security professionals, etc. So, by removing the barrier between both Dev and Ops, one single task force DevOps emerges.

DevOps isn’t any person with the knowledge or any department in your office, it is the whole mindset of IT.  We can say that DevOps is wholesome IT package for your company that requires having one satisfied client. DevOps is a full dynamic tool that has every driving force required by software department. DevOps is a three-dimensional tool that caters the three main fields. The DevOps is referred to three different paths that usually leads to one single destination. The three paths just speed up the whole process.

3D DevOps paths!

Path one – Performance & Speed

This path leads to the importance of the whole system, and prioritizing work items properly is the first thing an IT organization has to learn when adopting DevOps principles.  As no one in IT sector is allowed to create bottlenecks and reduces the flow of work. The uninterrupted flow of the work is the main priority of every IT organization. To adopt the disciplined work environment different methodologies are present. The glorious methodologies are as,  Theory Of Constraints, Six Sigma, Lean, or Toyota Production System.

Path second – Continuous upward flow

The uninterrupted flow of information to upwards is the ideology of this path. In simple words, creating software quickly, then sending it for production purpose and timely delivering to the clients. Getting the appraisal feedback and establishing the upward community is also included in this path.

Path three- Constant learning

To have the perfect DevOps system one need to learn new things constantly and experiment them. To generate desirable DevOps lane you have to fail numerous times and then have to learn from it again and again. There isn’t anything perfect and constant, thus to make one perfect IT organization you have to grow continuously.

True DevOps:

As I have already mentioned that DevOps isn’t any tool, it is the whole mindset and thought process. So, don’t mix it with tools as plenty of modern DevOps tools exits, such as Chef, Docker, Ansible, Packer, Troposphere, Consul, Jenkins, SonarQube, AWS, etc. So, DevOps is set of principles which need to be followed to get uninterrupted flow.

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