C Language is the mother of all languages. Let’s find out why?


We all have been hearing about this whether in our schools, colleges, corporates etc. that C is considered as the mother of all language and also why is it the language one should be learning but when asked a reason behind considering it like this, the typical replies is just that ‘as it forms the base for you as a programmer, and you will be comfortable learning other languages after that’. But is it the only reason being C is the mother language or there are some other reasons as well. Let’s find out!

I will start with the advantages a person carries if he is known to C language. If you talk to person who has been a master in C language or he is very sound when it comes to write a code in C, then he is going to be very certain that he knows how a computer works. To be honest, if an individual is very happy with developing some really cool apps and also really satisfied with what he does, there is no need to learn C language but incase you want to excel whether in the field of research or somehow wants to do projects that requires working with the machine as a whole, you got to understand that C is the primary language one should focus in. If we talk about 21st century itself, majority of software infrastructure is powered by code in C language. From Linux kernal to VMs, servers, Interpreters of most of the language you work on, drivers and a lot more is powered by C.

Now, coming to how can C language can help you in your career is an important point to take. So, if you are someone who is intimidated to become a very important person in an industry who has been playing crucial role in some big projects like working on the in-depth code of a web browser or working on improving the working of an interpreter, you need to understand that you always have to start with a very good understanding of C language. Also, if you are willing to become a part of the biggest open source community, yes, C language is important. If we talk about some big developers in the world, where eventually if you want to be as well, you should be known to the fact that it is almost compulsory to know ‘how to read an assembler’ which is only possible if you know C. Coming to the point which everyone makes, ‘why you should always start with C?’. The main reason being, yes it gets much more simpler for any programmer to learn any language after going through C language because the concepts used in C language are being used by every other language out there, this is exactly like you need to understand one level of abstraction below the one you are already known to. Also, according to many studies, it has been found that programmers with a understand in C language tends to take less time in learning any other language then programmers who are not known to C.

So, the bottomline is in case you want to move swiftly to be a position in an organisation where you are somehow the decision maker as well like in case the programming language let’s say python or ruby being a very high level language somehow isn’t responding quickly enough and the response time is very high, you need to act smartly to get old-school and drop down to C code because when every language fails, C prevails.

Btw, for a better understand of C language, check out this awesome course on C language here, Learn C as your first programming language.

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