Why do Software Engineers need to be Self – Sufficient?


What is Software Engineering?

In the words of Elon Musk, “engineering is the closest to the magic that exists in this world,” and boy was he right.

Software engineering is a simple procedure for designing, developing and testing software applications with the help of different programming languages. So, that machines are enabled to operate various vital tasks. To create the program, software engineers offer line by line commands to the computer on how to operate according to their requirements and the needs of the user.

Importance of Self – Sufficient Software Engineering

When a software engineer working individually or with the team on certain projects, it’s important for the engineer to develop self-sufficient skills to solve problems. The job of a software engineer isn’t to walk in the park, with the huge bundle of codes and truckload of problems to solve daily. That’s why self-sufficient and logical software engineer is in demand because they can write code quickly, debug the system, and can guide other people.

The self-sufficient reduce the factor of micromanagement as well as build the reputation of the engineers. Because micromanaging every task of coworkers is a liability for the organization instead of the asset. In software engineering, being able to resolve the problems on your own is one of the major skill. It is good for software engineers self-esteem as well.

Qualities of a Self – Sufficient Software Engineer

To practice the self-sufficient software engineering in your career, you got to develop following qualities in yourself;

#1. Knowledge of Full Stack Development-

A full-stack developer is a person who has knowledge and experience in working the front end and back end developers. The developer needs to run any kind of applications such as User Interface frameworks, Programming Languages, MVC frameworks, SQL Queries, APIs, Operating System, Application Server, Database, etc. That’s why being a flexible and self-sufficient full stack developers has the ability to pick up and master new technology.

#2. Passionate-

The people who succeeded as a software engineer, are those who get the thrill from solving the complicated algorithms. When you are feeling the excitement from your work, then don’t feel like working anymore, it will become a fun task for you. So, to be a self-sufficient engineer, you got to love learning codes.

#3. Methodical-

The major goal of a software development project is to create effective applications; this involves database designing, flowcharts, backend codes, frontend codes, etc., To achieve excellence in any of the tasks, you have to spend time in the understanding problem and then offering possible solutions. Most of the issues with the codes or bugs are due to not well-planned database design, code logic, and not reviewed drawbacks of code implementation.

#4. Simple and Clean Code Structure-

Being an engineer, you have to deliver the codes in the way that you can get a solution in the shortest possible code. To obtain this task, you have to use functions a lot, have to write repeated codes, reusable of codes. You have to write comments for codes so that the faster debugging and feature improvements in the future.

#5. Fast Debugging-

The secret of finding out the cause of bugs or issues in the codes is to have a full understanding of the codes you are debugging. Read and review your codes errors, you learn to dump variables and queries in the right place.

Software engineering is a process that every engineer should indulge themselves in so that you can be a good self-sufficient developer.

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