Why Flutter is Ideal for iOS Development in 20


Nowadays, app development agencies are seeking cross-platform solutions while creating their new apps. That’s because companies have restricted budgets, especially startup’s and they can’t afford to design different apps for each platform. For these budgeted companies, Flutter is a perfect solution which is completely separate from native iOS development.


Google has introduced an open source mobile app SDK named Flutter that can create apps using similar codes on iOS and Android platforms. First, Flutter might appear similar to the React Native framework, but it’s different. However, it offers features of native apps. This is the reason that compels big companies to use this platform.

Well, do you want to know more about this open source platform? And, see how Flutter influences the native iOS development, then let’s read the post sincerely.

Adopt Flutter instead of iOS Development Apps

If you are looking for something new rather than frustrating iOS development, then Flutter is for you. Take a look at the below-mentioned points which proves that Flutter is better than the native iOS;


The technical structure of the Flutter is very different from the traditional iOS structure. All the native iOS development tools are strictly designed by Apple whereas Flutter is a google product. Swift programming language is only exception present on Apple’s GitHub. There is a difference between the IDEs also, iOS developers usually perform coding in Xcode whereas Android developers have Android Studio, IntelliJ Idea, or a text editor like Atom or Sublime Text with them.

Quick Development

Flutter isn’t web technology, but it has taken the route of fast development. Such as using traditional compilers aren’t easy. That’s why you need a dynamic scripting language to experience a fast performance. You can trust Dart programming language as it has powerful features.

User Interface

UI development is a time-consuming process for an iOS developer. The native iOS development system offers UIKit that helps in supporting document, printing, drawing, and animation. It has all cool user interfaces as well. However, Flutter UI elements are quite different as to assist user Flutter offers the concept of widgets. You can create one heck of compelling UI using any of the Flutter widgets.

Improved Productivity

It is one of the most happening features of the Flutter. Developers always need to improve his productivity to stay in the game and that can be offered by Flutter. It can improve your productivity even without recompiling as you can see the change instantly saving it. This increased productivity is a gift of Google’s hot reload benefits.

It is definitely different from the native iOS development as it doesn’t need Gradle, it is a tool which is known to develop mobile apps and disrupts quick development cycle. The revolutionary Hot Reload feature makes Flutter different from other platforms, helping developers make small significant changes in apps. The fast and easy hot Reload process connects designers and developers with each other. This ultimately leads to enhance the app development process with better collaborations.

Well, Flutter indeed has some cool features, but it’s not perfect. It is still a new platform and has lots of room for improvement in the future. So, if you are a fan of sleek and simple iOS development platform, then you have to try Flutter.

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