Why Learn Python in the Coming Year?


Well, our technology and programming expert, Hitesh Choudhary has already given his verdict on the python language. He has given python the number one spot in his top programming languages list for 2019. But, if you are not still fully convinced about learning the python. Then, this post might help you a little bit.

Python is a multiple paradigms based programming language which has primarily been developed to achieve goals such as; concise, straightforward and easy to understand. The other alternatives of this programming language are C, Java, and Perl. Python is programmed to take clear protocol for a task and without much elaboration get the work done.

To learn python, we can offer you numerous reasons. Like, for starters it is one of the world’s popular programming language. It is used by the major web development companies in the world. Google has adopted this language to design their web spider and search engine code. Moreover, Yahoo had their “groups” and “maps” designed with it and the CIA has used it to build their whole website. Apart from web development, it has been a part of gaming, software, educational and animation industry as well.

Is It Good to Learn Python for First?

Python has not been adopted by many computer programmers as their first language. But, it has been widely adopted by the industry experts as a first language to learn the coding process. For instance, the syntax in the python is very simple and can be learned easily with few exceptions and special cases. It also tends to use simple English keywords in the place of punctuations. So, codes appear less jumble to the newcomers than any other programming language.

The yet another great feature of the python is the ubiquity of its use. It is optimized for the Linux and Unix systems, but interpreters are available to help out newcomers. All the implementation of the language is supported by the excellent library. This makes easier for new students to create a program on it. Additionally, the standard implementation of Python, CPython, is free and open source.

Jobs after Learning Python

According to the jobs market, python is considered as the strong secondary programming language after the primary programming languages like C or Java. There are plenty of different job portfolios available after learning this language. But, unfortunately, many of the jobs are based on building and improving the internal tools which are used by companies to create the finished marketable products. It’s not used to create the finished product tools.

The specific economic sector where python is useful is particularly strong in the geospatial industry. This is a vital industry which deals in the navigational tools. If you are into web applications, it is a better choice for the development rather than design. It can also be useful in the gaming industry. Some of the popular games developed on this platform are; EVE Online, Civilization IV, the Battlefield game series and the Mount & Blade games. The popular development environment Blender is written in Python.

Is Python For You?

It is an extraordinary solid and feasible language which has numerous different applications and it’s easier to learn. So, if you are planning for a long-term career as a programmer, then learning different programming languages is a good idea. And, having python in your toolbox is a nice choice. To learn Python, you can join programming school, boot camp or can watch YouTube videos of Hitesh Choudhary.

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