Why Linux is different from other operating systems


History of Linux

Before getting into any comparison let’s first have a look on how everything got evolved,Many people think that Linus torvalds created linux which is true but not the whole truth Linus torvalds has designed its kernel not the whole operating system ,the first version of kernel is 1991 but the utilities portion of the operating system was already existed at that time which was designed by Gnu founder Richard stallman and its team, and they called it the GNU Operating system which was later combined with Linus’s  created kernel.So when you are saying only linux you are referring to its kernel but when you say Linux distribution then you are referring to a complete operating system but as of general trend for sake of this article we will also refer linux as a complete operating system rather than  kernel only.

What makes it different?

if you are new to linux chances are you are user of either Microsoft’s windows or apple’s Mac platform ,Although mac uses bsd(berkeley software distribution) at its root  but both mac and windows considered as proprietary operating system ,what’s that mean is:-

  • you cannot access that code of the operating system used to create it
  • You are not allowed to change the operating system at its most basic level to make it in a manner you like or for your own use or dissable the things you don’t like
  • If the operating system have bugs you cannot fix it or you can neither explore security vulnerablities  at its code level neither you are allowed to read bug reports
  • you cannot make your software for that operating system if its makers does not allow it

The points mentioned above  might be useful for some categories users not for all but if you are software developer  then you will embrace this fact that points mentioned above are must have . if you might thinking that even if i can change the code of my operating system then whats a big deal ? you are wrong let me give a example ,if you are in 21st century then you must have heard about Google’s mobile operating system Android or the cloud systems that all tech giant’s uses runs on linux at its core with different application layers.So it is worth having power to design or to customize a operating system according to your own needs .

Now lets talk about things at which linux take over its competitors:-

  • Due to the fact that linux is opensource ,that means you need not to pay for any new version at any time
  • Linux is maintained by amazing community of millions of developers around the globe this has itself many benefits.
  • If a security vulnerability is found it is pached much quickly than other operating systems as million of people are maintaining it.
  • For server side purposes the linux has its command line version to make things a little lighter on hadrware.

I am Sure you are excited to test your first Linux distribution So, go ahead and download it.


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