Why Node.js Is So Popular?


To be honest, node.js has overpowered all other web applications by capturing web sockets with its unique push technology. You must be wondering, what makes Node.js so popular and unique in the heap of other web applications? Well, developers finally had a double-edged application in the form of Node.js, which works two way, it’s real-time feature values server and client to build communication and allow them to exchange data.

Node.js is used to create a wide range of web applications and the web applications created using it are similar to Ruby On Rails, Spring Framework and ASP.NET does. The main advantage of Node.js is that it has JavaScript as the main language, which is lightweight and has a plethora of Plugins managed via the Node Package Manager (NPM). Well, JavaScript isn’t the only reason which makes it so popular. There are a few other reasons present which Node.js is the first choice of the developers;

#1. It has JavaScript

So, yeah having JavaScript as the main language makes the Node.js highly popular as today JavaScript is everywhere. JavaScript is nowadays only application to develop the web browsers. With the power of JavaScript, Node.js gives the new and robust environment to create web applications. Moreover, JavaScript is known by all the developers these days, so it becomes easier for developers to learn Node.js as well. So, it’s not wrong to say that Node.js is a storm which will soon sway everyone with it.

#2. It’s super fast

Node.js run primarily on JavaScript which is powered by V8, designed by Google to use in Chrome. V8 has the capability to compile and execute the JavaScript in super fast speed. That’s because it compiles JavaScript into a native machine code. It has a dynamic event loop which is a single thread that can perform all input and output operations in an asynchronous manner. That’s why reading and writing to file system and network connection to the database is executed by Node.js fast. It enables developers to create scalable network application fast and can even handle the bulk amount of input.

#3. It’s lightweight

Traditionally, Node.js uses the basic event-driven architecture. It means everything executed on it is a series of the asynchronous callback. It allows Node to run on a single thread which is totally unlike other web applications technologies where a new thread is generated for every client. This makes the Node.js lightweight as well as helps in forming the foundation of Node blocking.

#4. Single language for all

Another benefit of Node.js is language reusability. Like, web technology Spring or ASP.NET needs developers to have knowledge of another language to write code on the server side. This mean whole function is based on the two different languages; one on the client side and another on the server side. However, Node.js uses the only JavaScript for the client and server side. That’s why web developers won’t have to learn two different languages when all their work can be handled by one language.

#5. It’s high performing

The popular money transfer application PayPal uses Node.js and has reported doubling the number of requests per-second and reducing the response time by 35%. On the contrary, Wal-Mart has recorded amazing experience with the Node.js in 2013, when they put all their mobile traffic via Node.js and the servers of Wal-Mart did not go over a mere 1% CPU utilization and yet they deploy with 200,000,000 users online. And, that’s we are talking about the Black Friday shopping time. Now, all these figures are enough to prove the capacity and capability of the Node.js.

So, yeah, developers Node.js is trending now and it’s a huge possibility that will keep on trending. It is highly robust and scalable web applications. So, developers its tempted to at least once try this web application in your career.

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