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Realistic Review of Wix

Today creating a website is becoming a necessity for every business and individual to makes its virtual presence. So, to create site any normal person would go to the web developer to design their website. And, will spend thousands of buck on creating one simple website. But, guys, if you are looking for one very basic functional website than that can be achieved with the help of website building tools.

Nowadays, plenty of functional website building tools are available that can guide you in creating your website. Wix is one of those dynamic website building tools that can provide assistance in web designing. The brand Wix was established in 2006, since then, from the 1 million users to 110 million users have started using this tool. Moreover, Wix is a global brand with clients over 190 nations.

The popularity of Wix has increased due to the easy and functional toolkit offered by them. The Wix is also applicable in creating e-commerce websites, so this web designing tool has everything. And, if you are wondering why you should adopt this tool, then check out its amazing features.

The Features & Functions of Wix

  1. Easy Drag & Drop Down Menu. Well, performing different tasks on the Wix is very easy. As all the elements are presented in the form of drag and drop down menu. Where you can insert any function easily. Suppose, if you want to add text in the page, then simply click on the text widget and add your text. This same goes for the images and videos also. So, an interface of the Wix is highly user-friendly.

  2. ADI. The ADI editor of Wix is very smart and can help you in designing websites. The Artificial Design Intelligent feature of Wix has a number of options stored for users. It also asks few basic questions and according to it presents tailored website to the user. Further, the user can alter the website according to their desire.

  3. Wix Video Kit. It is proven that websites which have used more visual graphics are appreciated by the visitors. That’s why adding videos and images to your website is the very good idea. And, it became more easy with the Wix video tools to upload videos on the website. From the Wix app market, you can download the video apps which enables you to embed videos directly from the YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo.

  4. Wix Pro Gallery. Wix claims to offer one of the active image galleries on the web. Where you can add hundreds of image from and can create your personal gallery also. It offers plenty of tools to edit an image and privacy security system to safeguard images. Wix has 9 different layouts of the gallery’s, which is the gigantic range.

  5. Wix Codes. This is the one of the advanced technology offered by Wix web designing tool. This advanced feature of Wix website builder gives the capability to set up databases, create dynamic web pages, and build forms as well.


Wix is really a smart web designing tool that can save you lots of money. Moreover, the advanced features and easy functions of Wix can be easily adopted by non-programmers. So, if you want to create the very basic blog site, then Wix is your guy.

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