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Github – A Home of Developers

Github is the perfect friendly platform where you can share your new incentive codes with your friends, colleagues, classmates. And, if you want complete stranger can appreciate your cool. For the interrupted experience of this sharing, Github provides the environment where with the help of different features and task control panels this task is achieved.

In 2008, three fellas named Tom Preston-Werner, Chris Wanstrath and PJ Hyett introduced the Github to the world. It is hard to believe that in the time span of one year around 46000 public repositories were accumulated by Github. Out of which 6,200 repositories had been forked at least once and over 4,600 have been merged.

Today, after one decade of Github’s launch, it has been helping numerous developers and business models. Now, Github is not the place of sharing codes only, as nowadays new technologies inventions take place over the Github. Github’s popularity has infested the Microsoft also and they have bought Github shares for a whopping amount of $7.5 billion in stocks.

Well, this step of Microsoft has been opposed by numerous individual developers, but Linux foundation sees it as a win-win situation for everyone. So, if this success story of Github has fascinated you, then let’s look at few other interesting facts of Github.

#1. Early Decision of Launching. Before, the launching of Github, it was incorporated as Logical Awesome LLC. But, later developer thought to take serious action for the Github and that’s why they launched Github as C-corp rather than LLC.

#2. World’s Biggest Source Host. On March 2017, Github broke the record and become the world’s biggest source host of all times. In 2017, Github has over 26 million users working across 67 million repositories. Now, that’s we called a record people.

#3. Origin. Github is written in Ruby on Rails and Erlang programming language by its co-founders. Moreover, the famous Linux tree is hosted by Linus Torvalds on the Github as he frequently works on it.

#4. The mascot of Github. The mascot of Github is the female cat who has arms like an octopus. This mascot is designed by the freelance graphic designer Simon Oxley, who has also designed birdie of Twitter. He designed this logo to sell on the stock, and from there Github people bought this mascot and named it Octocat. Since then numerous graphic designer has designed different versions of the Github mascot.

#5. Github Is Rich. Annually Github is making $200 million and half of the income is coming from the businesses. In 2017, around 100 million pull request, and over 69 million issues were closed on the Github. The

#6. JavaScript Is Favorite. Well, millions of open source codes are generated on the Github in different 337 programming languages. But, JavaScript is the most preferred language of the developers. As around 2.3 million projects are created in JavaScript and 1 million in the Python only. In 2016, Python language showed some competition to the JavaScript as 40% of pull requests are made in it and python become the second favorite language of Github users. In the last year, Typescript has shown some nice growth.

#7. Top Github Projects. The most popular and successful project of the Github is Bootstrap with 115,000 Star and 55,000 Fork. After Bootstrap, next spot is acquired by TensorFlow followed by gitignore. Furthermore, the most discussed repository in 2017 is Kubernetes.

#8. Github Developers Program. The Github Developers Program has been increasing at the impressive rate. As the program has almost 26000 active members plus the number of members is growing by 50%. Also, the Early Access program of GitHub Integrations launched in September 2016, is now being used by 1.8 million users, and people have created more than 1,400 integrations.

#9. Github Classrooms. Around half million teachers are teaching on the Github Classrooms to the students. The University of California has 8500 registered Github accounts whereas Stanford has 4000 registered Github accounts. Alone in 2017, GitHub Classroom signups increased by around 100% and spread across 272,000 repositories.

#10. Fortune Companies. 52% of Fortune 50 Companies and 45 % of Fortune 100 use Github Enterprise to develop software. Around 22% of the GitHub Enterprise builds software and internet services, 13% develops financial services, and 10% of developers are engaged in business services.

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