Main reasons why WordPress is the Best CMS for SEO.



WordPress has passed a tremendous journey of success after the launch of this dynamic blogging platform in 2003. The WordPress was designed as a basic blogging website, but with the passage of time, it becomes the best content management website of the all time. The fan base of the WordPress is very huge, the clientele of WordPress includes, NASA, CNN, Forbes, The New York Times, TechCrunch, IZOD, Best Buy, GM, eBay, and even Jay Z’s and Google’s Matt Cutts is a big fan of WordPress.

If you have ever used the user-friendly website WordPress, then you are very much familiar with the power of WordPress. It is the easiest to use, free and available with lots of plugins to add on the website. Due to such an amazing features of WordPress, more than 23% of the world’s websites are using this platform nowadays. So, if you haven’t ever used this stunning platform then let me tell you why WordPress is best for SEO.

Optimizing Website is a five-minute task with the WordPress.

A launching a new website and selecting the right procedure is a very daunting task. But with the WordPress, you can run your website within five-minute installation system, which any tech amateurs can also achieve very easily. Unzip, fill out the WP-Config file (you’ll need to set up a database first which is also as easy as point-and-click), upload the files, and you should be good to go. The easy installation of the WordPress makes it very popular among the other SEO hosting platforms.

Go open source with the WordPress.

The WordPress is an openly sourced network and it allows you to go wild with the imagination. The strong community of the WordPress makes it differ from other platforms in which any one create themes and get the best listing on the Google for your website easily.

Easy Editing.

The adding content and heading in the WordPress is a very simple task, just click on the ” new post” and your selected theme will automatically appear. The content can be easily optimized with cool visual features of the WordPress. You can bold and underline words, a hyperlink to other internal or external web pages, add additional heading tags, upload images (where you can add image alt tags), and numerous plenty of visual can be added in WordPress to make the content highly readable.

WordPress is mobile optimized.

The WordPress is highly mobile friendly and can be easily opened by the mobile users. Just download the Jet pack app and enjoy the benefits of WordPress on your smartphone with high Google ratings.

Super Strong Plugins.

All other features can rest as the super strong plugins of the WordPress is the real reason behind its being SEO friendly. The Yoast SEO plugin used by the WordPress allows users to optimize highly technical stuff, like Robots.txt file, canonicalization issues, XML sitemaps, the stuff which a non-developer couldn’t even begin to understand. Then there are tools like the Broken Link Checker, Redirection plugins, SEO tool widget plugin. So, you see WordPress is jammed with the plugins to provide unbelievable SEO optimization.


The WordPress is very popular among both the programmers and not programmers she to its amazing themes and easy installation. The WordPress is currently the highly used CMS platform and due to its high tech features, it is not going anywhere in the near future.

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