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Import And Export of Data

Well, normally we don’t pay much attention towards the topic of Data Portability. The need and urge of Data portability only occur when we want to export full content or selective content of the website to another website. Then, we will realize how difficult is to transfer the content of one website to another website.

To assist in this task software like phpMyAdmin are available, but to use them you have to be pro. Because one little mistake and all your website content will be demolished into the thin air. That’s why for the proper task of importing and exporting of data, we need the solid WordPress plugins.

And, just like for every other task, WordPress plugins for data portability are also available. So, in this post, we will check out amazing WordPress plugins for the data movement.  

#1. WP All Import

WP All Import is a very simple WordPress plugin used to import CSV or XML files which are not at all WordPress friendly. It could be created by the client or something totally different. The plugin doesn’t require any layout or extra element to perform the importing job, this file transferring job can be very easily accomplished by this WordPress plugin. Moreover, the companion export plugin is also available.

#2. WP Ultimate CSV Importer

WP Ultimate CSV Importer which is coupled with the exporter also can import an array of a data. Included are the abilities to import posts, pages, custom post types, comments, users, custom fields and even SEO information from All in One SEO Pack. You can even import the images from the external link using this plugin.

#3. Import Users from CSV with Meta

To import data to numerous users all together Import Users from CSV with Meta is the best choice. It allows you to add a new user to your WordPress install and even update the existing users. You can assign a specific task to the users using this plugin. It also works very well with the other plugins like woo-commerce and enables users to create their own custom information.

#4. Customizer Export/Import

If you like a layout of the website and want to recreate it on another website, then it is an impossible task due to the availability of numerous theme features. But, with the Customizer Export/Import plugin now, you can easily replicate the theme of a website and that’s without any trouble.

#5. JSON Content Importer

This plugin allows you to display a live feed from the JSON through the simple shortcodes. You can even control how many items are displayed, use keyword settings to only display specific types of content and more. The plugin used template engine that helps in managing the layouts.

#6. Export All URLs

Do you want to make the list of all your WordPress titles? Then, Export All URLs plugin will create that for you easily. The plugin will create separate page listing for all your URL titles and from the list, data can be easily categorized.

So, here we go, people, with the list of cool WordPress data portability plugins. If you want to know more interesting WordPress plugins, then visit us again for few more WordPress plugins.

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