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Press Your Thoughts With WordPress

WordPress has been a revolution for the web developers, but besides the professional web designers, WordPress has given publication platform to common men also. Because today we can’t compress the power of social media and blogs in the political, economical and social environment.

As today every breaking news is created on the internet first. That’s why a person who wants to share his thoughts and vision with the world on any walking topic needs a blog. And, to be honest not everyone is good with the technology, but with the quickly publish feature of the WordPress, everybody is today a pro blogger.

So, we can say that to stay active and raise your voice, you need a WordPress based blog. Which is even more easy with the simple layout of the WordPress and numerous activism plugins that are offered by the WordPress. So, if you want to create a revolutionary moment with your thoughts, then you need following WordPress plugins.

Speak Out! Email Petitions

Easy and clean WordPress plugin to gather signatures of the people. You can easily design a petition campaign with the Speak Out! Email Petitions plugin and as many as people can participate in it. The result of the petition can be mailed to the desired authorities also. You can share your petition on social media and other platforms also to generate more signs. It is the must activist WordPress plugin.

Participants Database

So, as the name suggests, Participants Database is a plugin that can retrieve any kind of data from the other websites. Originally, this plugin was used collect data from voters, but you can collect data on any topic according to your search. Moreover, the plugin comes with the add on the option which means you can adjust it according to your requirements.

WP Issues CRM

This plugin will be your favorite if you have to collect lots of feedbacks. The plugin will collect feedbacks, manage them and will generate an automatic reply to the feedbacks also. It works with popular form plugins like Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms to collect data. It also merges data from the other sources such as email also.

PTA Volunteer Signup Sheets

This plugin enables you to create an event and hire potential volunteers to participate in it. Simply upload PTA Volunteer Sign up Sheets on your website and volunteers can easily enroll with it. The plugin sends an automatic reminder of the event, manages the task assigned to each volunteer and helps in organizing the event. And, it has added on the extension, so you can add extra features it also.

Improve My City

Well, this plugin should be used by the city municipal corporations website. Through this plugin, local residents can post their problems and can provide information about any broken street light or other damaged city property. The users can post an image of the issue also. WordPress admin can directly tackle the issue from the two plugins or can assign it to the concerned person via a plugin.

Shocking, right, we can’t ever imagine that how proactive and revolutionary WordPress can be. So, raise your voice against injustice with the WordPress.

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