If you’re not paying for your VPN service, then there is a definite reason for you to worry.


A small introduction to VPN Service:

The Internet is the most terrific and successful invention of mankind, but among the all amazing advantages of the internet, we can’t forget that it is a highly insure system. A system where everything is open sourced and privacy is a big problem. So, to secure your web activities and safeguard the safety of your personal stuff, one should definitely go for Virtual Private Network aka VPN. VPN service provides the flow of encrypted information between you and your service provider to protect your privacy.

There are numerous VPN service providers are available nowadays and selecting one perfect VPN server out of them all is very difficult task. As the first choice that you will have to make before selecting VPN services is whether you want free VPN service or paid. As nowadays numerous VPN service providers are offering free services and it is human nature that we normally go for the free stuff. But, guys free stuff isn’t always good and sometimes it brings bad news also. So, that’s why I am in the team of paid VPN service providers. Wondering why I prefer to spend money on something which is available for free, then let me explain it to you deeply.

Why are paid VPN service providers better choice?

#Nothing comes free. Well, okay suppose if your VPN service provider is offering you free service, then what are they earning from it. Well, they are earning from the non-sense ads that keep on popping while you are working and disturbs your work. So, if you want secure and hassle-free VPN server, then you have nothing free in the menu and you have to pay to get one ad-free VPN server.

#Half truth is always dangerous. When you are getting free VPN server, then read all terms and conditions properly as you might find something fishy in the whole scheme. As free VPN server might not let you access all the websites and you got stuck with only websites of your servers choice. So, now the choice is clear as daylight folks.

#Free is always fishy. Yep, remember when our parents told us never to get anything from strangers, listen to the guys. As in lieu of providing you free service your VPN service providers might be snooping on your private data and sharing it with others. In the haste of saving few bucks, you might lose some highly confidential information.

#They lure you and then trap you. Most of the VPN service providers offer you some initial¬†service for free and later on when limit expires, they nag you with upgrade options and poor you left with no choice. So, don’t fall into the vicious trap of VPN service providing companies.

Final Verdict:

To be honest getting paid VPN service isn’t that expensive as compared to the threats present on the internet. The VPN services rated in the range from about $6 to $12 per month or about $40 to $120 per year. It’s usually a better deal to pay for the whole year at once. So, wrapping up I would say using free VPN service is the way to risky as compared to the price of paid VPN service. ¬†

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