Why is youtube not a preferred choice to learn to program online?



The computerisation is the new trend of every office and works place, so it is becoming essential for the people to learn the basic computer programming languages to stay connected with the trend. But numerous people complaints that they don’t have time to attend classes in their busy schedule and more over programming languages such as JAVA, C, C++ ¬†are not taught in any college or university. So, the online learning is the boon for such persons who want to learn programming languages according to their convenience. But in learning online person need to focus on few important facts that they need to learn from the best available sources and need to avoid amateur YouTube tutorials.

Limitations of YouTube over the online learning program websites:

1. Authentication: The YouTube highly fails on the grounds of authentic and reliability, as any child can post a video on the YouTube. So, you will never know that the tutorial is accurate or not. On the other hand, online program leaning websites provides the information and videos designed by the high professionals who have years of experiences in the field. So, don’t waste your time on watching jumbled tutorials and learns from the best-experienced teachers.

2. Learning tools: The online websites opt different tools to help in explaining the concepts to you. They taught online with help of different technologies such as speech aided tutoring packages and digital white board services. They use all the latest techniques to make you understand the concept of programming, but in YouTube, any geek with limited knowledge gave you lecture on the course and it is hard to learn from a lecture.

3. Professional Study Material: The online websites provides the latest study material to the students, which they can easily download from the website and later study. The person learning a specific field such as Java can get to work with different programs online, with the anytime help from different experts. There are instruction videos on how to use a specific application and program it, which is a great help for people who can get confused. On YouTube, they never impart the full knowledge in the videos and they left major parts of the study material.

4. Wastage of time: On YouTube, every hour, 300 hours long videos are uploaded and it is very time-to consuming to view every video to find the right information. It required lots of time to a surfer on the YouTube to find the accurate tutorial, whereas on the online websites they have special one hour designed lecture to impart the right knowledge to the students in the limited time. They design the study course step by step to make every concept clear for the beginners.

5. Certification: Some online websites provide proper certificate and which students can add in the resume. The proper certificate of the reputed website can easily grab the high paying job for you easily.

Final Verdict:

There are some very good learning tutorials available on the YouTube, but it is a very hard task to find the best tutorial among the numerous rubbish videos. So, it is best to learn the programming languages from the experts to get job opportunities in the computer department. Check out the most advanced online courses online at Learn Code Online.

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