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B2B Companies New Growth Strategy

In past few years trends of undertaking business activities has dramatically changed. Especially, in the sector of B2B trade, where generating online traffic is a very hard process. The companies have been using social media, blog posts and SEO methods to boost their business. But, recently with the overflowing competition in the industry, these methods are not sufficient.

That’s why the new promotional strategy of making YouTube video has been getting the hype. In this B2B companies designs a video related to their product and post it on the YouTube. And, this strategy has gained more positive remarks as compared to content optimization method. According to data generated by Aberdeen Group, 49% of the companies who used videos strategy has received an increase in their business.

Moreover, 70% of marketers in B2B industries believe that video converts qualified leads more effectively than all other forms of content marketing. Plus, Forbes analyzed that 59% of top executives prefer to watch videos rather than boring monotone graphic presentations. That’s why these factors are more than enough to prove that YouTube video promotional strategy can set some new trends.

Key Ingredients of B2B Companies Videos

Okay, so videos are great methods to engage clients and customers in your business. But, the main question here is that what does a dynamic B2B video should contain. So, if you are wondering what kind of business video you should create, then you can target any of the following areas;

  • Videos about the product demonstration.
  • The interviewing videos of industry experts talking about your product.
  • The customer’s testimonial videos also get followers.
  • Or, you can live broadcast any event of your company.

Well, the interesting example of video making is Adobe Creative Cloud. They designed tutorial videos of different graphics and encourages users to design their projects on Adobe. That’s a very clever and positive way of promotion.

Why Only YouTube?

Well, there are numerous video posting platforms are available, but no one can beat the YouTube. As being a video upload platform YouTube ranks number one and has numerous benefits also. The advantages of using YouTube as your host platform are:

  1.  YouTube plays a significant role in search engine ranking. The search engines like, Google gives priority to YouTube and can understand the keywords used in it. Google always shows keyword search for YouTube on the top. So, YouTube is a well recognized by search engines.
  2. YouTube is the second largest search engine after the Google. So, you can generate plenty of traffic to the YouTube. Moreover, YouTube has more desktop search results as compared to the Google. That’s why ignoring YouTube would be the great risk to your business.
  3. YouTube provides numerous customizing tools. You can easily create your channel on the YouTube where you can upload your business profile and image. This helps customers to easily locate your business on the YouTube and follow it.
  4. YouTube lets video creators track how users interact with their content through a user-friendly analytics platform. As a marketer, this is the very vital tool for you.

Well, now,  you can be little creative and produce something refreshing videos to promote your business.

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